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An Overview of Kitchen Sinks

You need a kitchen sink that is more than just visually appealing. It needs to be capable of handling all of the general functions you plan on utilizing within it.

With this in mind, let us take a look at a few of the different types of kitchen sinks.


An undermount sink is attached underneath your countertop. It uses the base structure of your cabinets to get support. This allows for a consistent look on your countertop. This is made with solid surface countertops in mind. It can be installed on a marble or composite surface among other similar options but not on other choices.

Flush Mount

A flush mount sink is made with a surface that mixes in well with the rest of the countertop. The design allows the sink to mix in well without any rising surfaces in the area.


The farmhouse style, or apron sink as it is also called, is made with a rounded edge that matches up with what is on the inside of the basin. The sink can be added into the middle of a countertop although some cutting might be required. This creates a rustic appearance when used correctly and is common in rustic kitchen styles.

Self Rimming

A self-rimming sink uses a border that fits above the main cabinet countertop. It can be quickly affixed to a surface with a cement material or other adhesive. This is the easiest option for you to work with when getting something installed.

The rim is made to support the weight of the sink. It is a stronger option that is very easy to clean. It also creates a distinctive look in your kitchen. Best of all, it can be utilized on any kind of surface you have. You should check and see that the color matches up well with the rest of the surface and that any fixtures you add blend in just as well.

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