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Choosing a Cabinet Color You Won't Regret

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets can be difficult. It's always best to choose what you like, regardless of what’s trending or what looks good in magazines. YOU are the one who lives in your home and you will have to see your cabinets every day. So to help, here are some cabinet color choices.

White Cabinets

The Upside: White cabinets might seem like they’re everywhere, but it’s not because they’re trendy; it’s because they’re timeless. They’re always in style and allow for flexibility in the rest of your kitchen. It’s possible for white cabinets to fit perfectly into both a traditional design and a contemporary design.

The Downside: There’s a little more maintenance involved because they’re white. While it’s not impossible to have white cabinets when you have kids or pets in the house, it’s not as easy as a stained maple. Don’t let this be a total deterrent (there are plenty of reasons to love white kitchens), but the maintenance is something to consider.

Blue Cabinets

The Upside: Blue makes for a fun accent color. And depending on the exact shade, it can almost be a neutral, or it can be bright.

The Downside: A kitchen cabinet color that looks good on a swatch might be overpowering on a wall of cabinets. So make sure you really love the shade of blue you’ve chosen.

Gray Cabinets

The Upside: Gray is a good middle ground — not as stark as white, and not as traditional as wood. It comes in many tones but still cools off a space, and can range from classic to contemporary depending on the shade and its surroundings.

*Bonus: gray cabinets are trending right now.

The Downside: Many designers are currently embracing various shades of gray in ways that feel fresh, and we’re willing to bet this neutral stands the test of time, however, choosing a color that’s trendy is a gamble.

Bright Colored Cabinets

The Upside: Not everyone likes neutrals, and choosing a bold color might be the unexpected twist your kitchen needs to feel like it truly belongs to you.

The Downside: Bold colors can become overpowering. It’s also more likely that you’ll grow tired of them. If you love purple and always have, then purple cabinets might be for you, regardless of what anyone else might think. If your favorite color changes constantly, or if you know you want a pop of color but are hesitant, we suggest finding other, creative ways to add color into your kitchen decor like paint just your island or an accent wall instead of all your cabinets.

Whether you go with white or purple, pale blue or gray, it’s your home and you get to make the decisions. Embrace what you love and have fun with it!

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