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Make the Most of a Small Master Bath

Are you lacking the budget for a full bathroom addition and stuck with a small master bath? Luckily, there are lots of cool ways to update your master bathroom to get that spa feel. Here are a few ideas:

Trough Sinks

Trough sinks are underrated in bathroom design. They are the perfect solution to getting double faucets without taking up too much space! Many people want a double vanity in their bathroom, but don't have the square footage to accommodate that. With a trough sink, you can fit two faucets, but don't need the room for two sinks. Not to mention, they are very sleek which makes cleaning a breeze!

Continue the Floor Tile Into the Shower

Having a material/design of flooring in your shower that is different from the rest of the flooring in the bathroom interrupts the space. Having your bathroom tile continue into the shower will make the room feel larger!

Hang Mirrors

It turns out mirrors are useful for more than just getting ready in the morning. Light bounces off the reflective surfaces and helps make rooms appear bigger. So even if you can only fit in a mini mirror on the wall, it makes a big difference.

Go With a Barn Door

Instead of a standard door that, when open, takes up space in your small room, opt for a door on a rail that stays parallel with the wall at all times.

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