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Permitting Your Home Remodel

Permitting…Such a scary word! Clients often ask us, “Why does my project need a permit if all we’re wanting to do is replace a shower?”, or, “All we’re going to do is change our light fixtures to recessed lighting.” To be entirely honest, it even seems a little excessive to us that permits need to be pulled on small projects, but the reasoning is simple.

Permits are required not only for your protection, but also for reassurance of quality and safe work for the next family that will eventually occupy your house.

If you were buying a home, wouldn’t you want to know that any work performed on it in the past is proper and code compliant? On the other hand, if you try and sell your home and it is apparent that you had work done, the buyer can request proof that the work was permitted and inspected. If your contractor did not complete these essential steps, it could prevent the sale of your home from going through.

We at Rainier have seen and dealt with many cases where homeowners have put $15,000-$20,000+ into a remodel, using a contractor who did not pull the proper permits, inspect upon completion, or was not even licensed to do either. The homeowners then had to backtrack and pay for an entirely new PERMITTED remodel.

Rainier, Inc. is dedicated to get your home remodel done right, with all permits and licenses required, the first time! We won’t skip over steps, and every bit of work we do is to the standard we would fix our own homes with.  

Call us today for a free estimate!

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