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Renovating Your Laundry Room

When you think of 'home renovations', the first room that comes to mind is likely not going to be your laundry room. But a room that is pleasant to be in can make tasks as mundane as throwing dirty clothes into the machine and ironing your work clothes much more enjoyable!

An efficient laundry room layout has the following four elements arranged in close proximity, not more than a step or two away from one another:

Appliances: Side by side, front loading appliances.

Work surface: With the front loaders placed side by side, consider installing a counter on top of the machines to save space!

Supplies: Store detergent, stain sticks, and other clothing-care items, such as a sewing kit, in closed cabinets, cubbies, or open shelving that's above or next to machines.

Baskets: Leave enough room in front of machines to empty or fill them easily, and create a nearby niche to tuck baskets or hampers out of the way but within easy grabbing distance.

And don't forget to add your personal touch to your laundry room with rugs, hampers, soap holders, art and more!

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