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Things to do Before Calling a Contractor

Updated: Apr 2, 2018

If you want a project to run as smoothly as possible, there are things that you can do before you even call a contractor.

1) Make a list.

Write down what you want to accomplish with your project. Try to cover all aspects you can think of. If you are having your bathroom tiled, will you be replacing the fixtures?  Are you replacing the cabinets? Do you want the tile under or up to the new cabinets? Will you be moving the plumbing?

Start broadly such as “remodel bathroom”. You can then make sub-headings such as “tear-out”,  “plumbing”, and “cabinetry”. 

2) Have an idea about which products you want.

Have you already purchased materials? Do you know what type of tile you want in your bathroom? Do you know the advantages/disadvantages of the different types? If you have not yet purchased your materials and aren’t sure which type you want, feel free to ask about your options. The best plan is to be informed. Know what you want, or at least the look you want, and discuss with your contractor what the best product would be to accomplish your wants.

3) Have a budget in mind.

Nothing should happen until you know how much you can spend; and want to spend. A new kitchen should never come at the expense of busting your budget. If you have a target bottom line in mind, it will make meeting with prospective contractors far less stressful.

4) Look through magazines and online for ideas.

Once you have an idea of what you would like, look for design ideas. Most design aspects can be transferred to different applications. If you like, save a picture of it. While it may not look exactly the same we will discuss it and see how close we can get with your chosen product.

5) Be prepared for a disruption.

While we try very hard not to disrupt your home more than absolutely necessary please understand there will be a certain amount of inconvenience. The larger your project is, the more it will impact your normal routine!

6) Have a time frame in mind.

While the length of a given project will mostly be dictated by the scope of it, the start date is not. Have an idea of when you would like it to start. If you need to get it done by the end of next week that is definitely something your contractor needs to be aware of before he shows up.

If it is not realistic we will tell you. It may be better to push your start date to a time that more reasonably fits your schedule.

7) Write down any questions you may have.

If there is something you are unsure about or have questions about, write it down. It is easier to have the list ready than it is to try and remember everything. Also write down your wish list. It never hurts to ask how much more something may be if it is something you are interested in having. It’s always better to ask rather than wanting it later and not having it.

A bit of preparation before calling contractors for a bid will not only ensure you don’t forget anything, it also makes the process go more smoothly. By ensuring that nothing is left out, you greatly limit the chance of any surprises during your remodeling process. The more preparation beforehand the more smoothly your project will proceed and the faster it will be completed.

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