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Why Rectified Tile?

There are many fantastic and beautiful flooring options available, one being tile! Flooring tile can range from basic square, wood-look plank, natural stone, mosaic, etc. Modern style dictates perfection, including in the grout lines.

Unfortunately, due to manufacturing processes, many styles vary in size among the same product. When installed, this creates uneven grout lines and increased chance of imperfection in the laying process. These imperfections increase with thinner grout lines, which is the clean style of today. So what is the solution? Rectified tile!

Think of a pan of brownies! They come out of the oven in one sheet, and then you cut them into the size and shape you want. That is exactly how rectified tile is made! Rectified tile is manufactured using a sheet that is cut into exact individual pieces. This creates tile that is identical in shape and size, aiding in the installation process. Most installers can create a final product that looks "satisfactory." Rainier, Inc is committed to creating a masterpiece. This is why we prefer to use rectified tile when creating modern flooring with thin grout lines. Perfection is our specialty!

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